2009 Archived Scott Letters


Vol. IX, No. 7 (December 2009). Cohen & Steers Funds. Interview with Douglas R. Bond, Portfolio Manager of Closed-End Opportunity Fund and Thomas N. Bohjalian, Portfolio Manager of Worldwide Realty Income Fund

Vol. IX, No. 6 (October/November 2009). Aberdeen Acquires Credit Suisse Fund Management Arm. Interview with Fiona Morrison, member, Global Emerging Markets team, Aberdeen Asset Management: The Latin America Equity Fund and The Chile Fund

Vol. IX, No. 5 (August/September 2009). Source Capital, Inc. Seeks Maximum total Return for Common Shareholders. Interview with Eric S. Ende, President/Chief Investment Officer and Steven R. Geist, Executive Vice President/Portfolio Manager

Vol. IX, No. 4 (June/July 2009). Asia Pacific Fund: China Is the Envy of the Whole World. Interview with Khiem Do, Portfolio Manager, Asia Pacific Fund

Vol. IX, No. 3 (April-May 2009). Healthcare Is A Good Defensive Place to Be Invested. Interview with Dr. Daniel R. Omstead, President/CEO, Hambrecht & Quist Capital Management, LLC

Vol. IX, No. 1 (January 2009). Mobius on Emerging Markets: Emerging Markets Expected to Grow Faster than the Developed Markets. Once U.S. Recovers, Global Growth Will Continue. Interview with Mark J. Mobius, CEO, Templeton Asset Management Company


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