2008 Archived Scott Letters


Vol. VIII, No. 10 (November/December 2008): The Latin America Equity Fund, Inc.: Reality Reaches Latin America. Interview with Matthew Hickman, Director and Lead Portfolio Manager

Vol. VIII, No. 8 (September 2008): Asia Is a Net Beneficiary of Falling Commodity Prices. Interview with Khiem Do, Portfolio Manager, Asia Pacific Fund

Vol. VIII, No. 7 (July/August 2008): India: A Huge Democracy of Diverse Political, Religious and Economic Interests. Interview with Punita Kumar-Sinha, Portfolio Manager, The India Fund

Vol. VIII, No. 4 (April 2008): Strong Recovery by Cohen & Steers Funds: Their Managers are Optimistic for 2008. Interviews with Portfolio Managers Doug Bond and Tom Bohjalian

Vol. VIII, No. 2 (February 2008): Mobius Sees Continued Uncertainty in Markets, but Emerging Markets Will Survive. Interview with Mark J. Mobius, CEO, Templeton Asset Management Company